You won’t believe these kindergarten schedules ~ Facebook Will Not Allow This Link!

I am blogging this as FB has blocked the link to the news article.

Anybody paying attention to school reform knows that kindergarten today is nothing like it used to be. Kindergarten schedules used to be dominated by play, but there’s not much time — if any — for that any more in many programs.  Play has been replaced with reading, writing and arithmetic — and a slew of tests on reading, writing and arithmetic. There is so much pressure on teachers to get kids in kindergarten — who can be 4, 5 or 6 — academically oriented that some teachers have stopped offering a snack because there just isn’t any time. Recess? That’s gone in some places too.

Play, you may be surprised to learn, is actually the way young kids learn best. According to this report titled “Crisis in the Kindergarten” by the non-profit Alliance for Childhood:

Long-term research casts doubt on the assumption that starting earlier on the teaching of phonics and other discrete skills leads to better results. For example, most of the play-based kindergartens in Germany were changed into centers for cognitive achievement during a wave of educational “reform” in the 1970s. But research comparing 50 play-based classes with 50 early-learning centers found that by age ten the children who had played excelled over the others in a host of ways. They were more advanced in reading and mathematics and they were better adjusted socially and emotionally in school. They excelled in creativity and intelligence, oral expression, and “industry.”  As a result of this study German kindergartens returned to being play-based again.

To get an idea of what kindergarten kids are being asked to do, I looked at some of the schedules posted on school websites. Here are just a few which show how much time young kids are being asked to sit and do academic work. It should be noted that kindergarten teachers tell me that the official time schedules can be misleading because academics often runs into non-academic blocks, meaning that kids sometimes can’t go to recess or paint a picture because there is no time.

Take a look at these half-day and full-day kindergarten schedules, and, at the end, one schedule for preschedule. If you come across others in the same vein, send them in.



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The “Unstoppable Collapse” of the West Antarctic ice sheet – the rest of the story

I have yet to see any of the mainstream media mention the fact that Antarctic sea ice is currently at or near an all-time high


The mainstream media and the Arizona Daily Star are in their usual “gloom and doom” mode because a few glaciers in the Amundsen Sea of West Antarctica are flowing faster than they have been and hence calving ice into the sea. This glacial behavior has been known for some time. The current turmoil was precipitated by recent publication of two papers based on data collected between 1992 and 2011.  But even back in 1968, a paper by Ohio State University glaciologist John Mercer called the West Antarctic Ice Sheet a “uniquely vulnerable and unstable body of ice.” Mercer based his statement on geologic evidence that West Antarctica’s ice had changed considerably many, many millennia ago at times when the ice sheets of East Antarctica and Greenland had not.

Is it just coincidence that this story is being hyped now, closely following release of the latest National Climate Assessment Report by…

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Constitution101: The Sovereignty of the People



The federal government acts like it stands as sovereign in the American system, but that was never intended by those who created it. In fact, the federal government was never meant to serve as anything more than an agent, exercising the specific powers delegated by the true sovereign – the people.

While many Americans assume the federal government sits at the top of the power pyramid, it actually belongs on the bottom. Under the intended constitutional system, “we the people” hold the top position of authority, with the states under them and the federal government only supreme within the limited scope of the explicit powers delegate to it.

The very first words of the Constitution make this clear.

Have you ever wondered why these three words appear in large, ornate letters? When an 18th century British king issued a grant, his name always appeared at the top in the same…

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Behold: the two absolutely worst arguments against homeschooling

Excellent! I do not ReBlog a lot… this is definitely one of those times!

The Matt Walsh Blog


Here’s the email I received last week. I was saving it for today, as I’ll be speaking at a homeschool conference tomorrow:

*The subject line of this email was: “Not all public school teachers are the devil.”* 

Hi Matt,

I’ve been a pretty decent fan of some of your writings, and while I don’t always agree I find that you sometimes have an entertaining way of presenting your opinion. Anyway, all due respect, I find myself having a hard time continuing to follow you now that I’ve gone back and read through your views on education.

It doesn’t so much bother me that you seem to be PROUD of your lack of a college education. You seem to be of the lucky few smart enough to get away with having no real education to speak of (congratulations). What I can’t reconcile myself with is your vitriol and hatred for public…

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Snow and the Lessons Learned

Snow and the Lessons Learned.

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Revolt Against the Testing Tyrants



Michelle Malkin | Mar 19, 2014

Have you had enough of the testing tyranny? Join the club. To be clear: I’m not against all standardized academic tests. My kids excel on tests. The problem is that there are too damned many of these top-down assessments, measuring who knows what, using our children as guinea pigs and cash cows.

College-bound students in Orange County, Fla., for example, now take a total of 234 standardized diagnostic, benchmark and achievement tests from kindergarten through 12th grade. Reading instructor Brian Trutschel calculated that a typical 10th-grade English class will be disrupted 65 out of 180 school days this year alone for mandatory tests required by the state and district. “It’s a huge detriment to instruction,” he told the Orlando Sentinel last month. The library at one Florida middle school is closed for a full three months out of the 10-month school year for computerized assessments.

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Why Should I be a Frederick Douglass Republican candidate?

We are very free to worship and be a Christian in this country. I want the same for my nieces in 40 years. At that point, they can fight for their kids Liberty. I fight to keep the church as close to the Word as possible and my country as close to the Constitution as possible so that both are still healthy after they become adults. I know that it is the historic pattern of man to leave God’s plan when things are going good. I know that it is the historic pattern of man to slide from freedom back into slavery. I know that in one generation, man can go from one very pleasant standard of living…to suffering.

Life goes in cycles. It always has, it always will. There is no such word as cycular, there should be. Circular just doesn’t fit quite as well. A tree sprouts, grows old and dies, leaving behind new trees to continue the cycle. So does man. The day goes in a cycle, so do the years and seasons. Climate cycles as well as respect for life. Freedom and prosperity also cycle along with bondage and poverty. Within these cycles we also find the cycle between education and ignorance. We find it today in both the church as well as in this great country. If we want the church to stay healthy, we need to keep the Word in our minds and our hearts. If we want to keep this country free, we have to get back to educating minds and hearts. It is the only solution available.

I have a close circle of friendships created over the last two years that all have one thing in common. We have all learned enough to make our heads bust. Most of us had never been active. We had voted, kept up with current events…you know…the silent majority. I commented on news articles and blogs, I discussed politics with my friends. I was always outspoken on my beliefs. But I was not active. Until Herman Cain.

Many people got on that train. Many people concerned about the loss of our Freedom and Liberty. Dedicated Patriots who believed that if we quit playing the ever disintegrating game-plan that the establishment politicians were playing, and actually put a problem solver in the helm, that we could fix things. We saw someone who could inspire and clearly state the message. Herman Cain got off that train, we never did. Two years later, I am still in close contact with numerous people who immediately got involved with other campaigns. Who continued to use the tools they had learned to share information, to speak up, to support. Campaigns all over country, National, State and Local.  Herman Cain’s legacy will be the numerous grassroots activists that he woke up because he was different.

The day Herman Cain suspended he said to go local. We did. I looked at candidates a whole different way. I looked for candidates willing to lay it out. I want you to tell me what your plan is. Fixing some of this stuff is not rocket scientist material. Excuse me a moment:

(When you have an 80,000 page tax code purposely designed to hide Passive-Aggressive Taxes (Thank You Wayne Thomas for the term!) that can constantly be changed and manipulated under our noses, it is a given….Start over. Wipe it out. Delete. Use it to run the Capitol Hill furnace. Start over and make it simple so the people can understand and the power rests back in the hands of the people. Fixing Taxes is simple. You just have to educate the people how deceptive the current tax code is. When the people learn that Lobbyists, DC insiders, and our elected officials use huge legislative documents for the sole purpose of keeping the people ignorant and hiding things, we will get a simpler tax code as well as readable legislation. So tell me a plan. I still like 999, it’s simple. But the exact plan doesn’t matter to me. Just have one.)

I look for candidates who have looked at the real problems and have tried to find some real solutions. Matching up with a list of how I feel on issues is important, but if the person can’t make a difference…why? I am tired of candidates who can only provide a solution within pages of legislation. I will always look for solutions first.

But we have a bigger problem. I grew to see the enormity of the problem as the last two years unfolded. We have a huge block of voters, on both sides, that do not understand the basics of why social, economic, and sovereignty issues, all three of them, end in freedom and prosperity when you give the power to the people and you limit government. They do not understand that the end is slavery and suffering when you let government grow and attempt to  micromanage everything. They do not understand it because increasingly they are being blocked out of the debate. The tactic is old school…very old school…This quote, one of my favorites.

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” ~ Socrates

The left has succeeded in tarnishing who we are. They have waged a war of words. Vulgar words. So that people do not listen. They are winning that battle. We have to educate the masses on some simple basics. It’s not a lot and it can be explained so easy if we would just quit arguing on the fringe long enough to discuss them. We are great at preaching to the choir. We need to get to those people we keep missing each election. They don’t understand the basics, they have just been told that we conservatives are mean and nasty.

Folks, we have to find a way to get through and remind America of what causes the liberty that has enabled our standard of living. If we don’t, we are headed for a sever reduction in our freedom and our prosperity.

We don’t just need a solution to fixing DC, we need a solution to fix our ability to fight the propaganda war. We need a Bold Solution.

I have had a #BoldSoulution filed in my brain a long time now. I mistakenly filed it originally under “hardworking activists”. I should have filed it under “bold solutions to get good solutions oriented candidates to DC” or “bold solutions to break down the barriers that keep candidates from explaining why they believe what they believe”. I should have spent some time getting Herman Cain to refer to himself as a Frederick Douglass Republican. I should have looked closer at KCarl Smith and Frederick Douglass. Now, all I ask is that you take a look.

I asked almost every candidate we interviewed on CC2C last year the same question. How do we educate the masses? How do we get past the choir and get to the people that we know stand on our basic principles but vote liberal because they are told we are the devil incarnate. How do we get past the propaganda and get the people to understand? We have the facts on our side on every issue. We know that one way enslaves and one way empowers. How do we get the people to look close enough to “know” it also?

Traditional methodology is failing us and and our Liberty is suffering. At the same time, conservatives are fighting each other on who is a conservative based on who agrees with us on which issues we are passionate on. We have forgotten the basic reasons we believe the way we do and how to explain it to others. We are failing.

Do you agree that why we stand on the issues we do, is because of how we answer these questions?

Do you admire the Founding Fathers and respect the Constitution? Do you respect life and consider it precious? Do you believe Limited Government is necessary to maintain freedom and liberty? Do you believe that fostering economic growth by encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and personal responsibility is better than government created dependency?

Good…then I have accomplished my task. You are a Frederick Douglass Republican. You just did not know it.

I am not even going to try to take it from here. Why invent the mousetrap? I may ramble, but I am K.eep I.t S.imple S.tupid all the way through.  Listen to KCarl:

Frederick Douglass forces us back to basics. Frederick Douglass answers the name calling. Frederick Douglass forces us to look back at history and reminds us of who we are.

I am a Frederick Douglass Republican. You are either reading this because I just posted it, or you are reading it because you have decided to seek office and I have poked my nose in and asked you to take a look. But this goes out to more than just candidates. This goes out to all of us. There is already a mighty Frederick Douglass grassroots already underway. Please join them.

I used to refer to myself as a Reagan Republican, that description means a lot to me. Unfortunately it means something else to a multitude of people, most of which, agree with him and true conservative principles… and just don’t know it. We need to reach these people. When we do, we need to change minds and hearts. When we do, we will landslide elections. When we remember to teach our children these principles, we will protect future generations.

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