Hank Berrien: 101 Of the Greatest Lies Told by Donald Trump!

Donald Trump has repeatedly labeled his political opponents liars so Hank Barrien recently posted a collection of 101 of  Trump’s Greatest Lies at the dailywire.com.

I have chosen my top favorite 8 Donald Trump lies from Hank Barrien’s post.

I would encourage you to go to Hank’s article. Read and share!



But first, the HUGE lie being spread by the Trump campaign? That Ted and Heidi Cruz are Globalists!

Heidi Cruz went to the Council of Foreign Relations to DENOUNCE and ARGUE AGAINST Globalism, not CONDONE it!

I will let premier globalism fighter and and expert Trevor Louden explain:

‘Ted Cruz is a Globalist!!!’ – yeah and I’m the tooth fairy!

If that is not enough…

Is Ted Cruz A Globalist? THE TRUTH

and here…

The Facts on Ted and Heidi Cruz – Clearing the Myths

For more thorough debunking of the Ted Cruz globalism HOAX go here and here.

101 Of the Greatest Lies Told by Donald Trump!

Keep in mind that the source of most of the Ted Cruz Globalist lies come from Roger Stone, well known dirty trickster, who…claims, he broke into politics in the first grade to further John F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign:

“I remember going through the cafeteria line and telling every kid that Nixon was in favor of school on Saturdays…It was my first political trick”.

Enough of that, on to my favorite picks from: Lyin’ Donald: 101 Of Trump’s Greatest Lies by Hank Barrien

#6. March 27: Trump claims Cruz bought the rights to the ad featuring a nude Melania Trump: Debunked.

#1. March 30: Trump claims MSNBC edited their released version of his interview with Chris Matthews in which Trump stumbled on abortion:  “You really ought to hear the whole thing. I mean, this is a long convoluted question. This was a long discussion, and they just cut it out. And, frankly, it was extremely — it was really convoluted.” Nope; that was a lie.

Donald Trump PolitiFact

Donald Trump PolitiFact

#8. March 23: Trump accuses Cruz of coordinating with Super PAC in it’s ad featuring a nude Melania Trump. Tweeting, “Lyin’ Ted Cruz denied that he had anything to do with the G.Q. model photo post of Melania. That’s why we call him Lyin’ Ted!” Debunked.

#27. March 7: “I’m self-funding my campaign. I’m not taking money. … I’m not taking. I spent a lot of money. I don’t take.” As of Jan. 31, his campaign had accepted $7.5 million from donors not named Donald J. Trump.

Donald Trump Lies

#28. March 7: Boasting he had spent $30 million on his campaign: “I’m already in for $30 million cash.” According to POLITICO, “As of then he had only contributed $250,318, plus the loan of $17.5 million.

#36. February 28: “I don’t know anything about David Duke,” to Jake Tapper. Trump not only has mentioned Duke in the past but has actually repudiated him during a Bloomberg interview in August 2015. Fifteen years ago, when Trump was considering running for president as a Reform Party candidate, he named Duke a cause for concern. “Well, you’ve got David Duke who joined — a big racist, a problem. I mean, this is not exactly the people you want in your party,” he said.

#42. February: Trump calls Cruz a liar for running an ad accusing Trump of letting  the federal government stay in charge of the state lands they own and not return them to the states. Of course, Cruz was telling the truth, as you see here.

#50. January 22: Trump releases ad saying Cruz is pro-amnesty. Ironically, Cruz is not pro-amnesty, as Jeff Sessions has testified, but Trump has been:

Back to Ted Cruz and Globalism: The Council on Foreign Relations are a “Pit of Vipers” 

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