Josh Bernstein… Stirin’ It Up!!! Join Him!

Radio Talk Show Host, Writer, and Political Strategist Josh Bernstein has stirred the waters again! Well known for his blunt and outspoken messaging as a writer for the, Breitbart News, The Tea Party Tribune, Right Wing News, Conservative Daily News, and the Conservative Read, as well as his radio shows, Josh has started a huge campaign to get the attention of Speaker John Boehner.

He composed a letter to Boehner making clear the feelings that we all share. In his letter, Josh points out, “…America is dying. The America of today is vastly different from the America of old. Our shining city on a hill is slowly turning into a dilapidated, morally and ethically bankrupt pile of rubble…”

He is asking “We the People” to send a copy of the letter to Boehner’s three offices. But not just the letter mind you, as stated in the letter itself:

“I am instructing Americans who are tired of the lies, tired of the scandals, and tired of the corruption to send to you some balls. I am instructing millions of fed up Americans to send you gumballs, ping pong balls, golf balls, tennis balls, etc. As long as what they send to you are a pair.”


That’s right!! Gumballs, ping pong balls, golf balls, whatever kind of ball you can muster up! We are in a battle for the future of this great country we live in and Barack Obama is doing everything he can to destroy the foundations that make it the wonderful place it is. It is high time our Republican leadership decided to take the situation we are in seriously.

I am asking you to join Josh in this campaign. Print the letter, send some balls, and make the message clear. The Boehner camp has already noticed the campaign and they are not happy!! GOOD!! Let’s make the message clear and loud!!

Join the event of you are on FaceBook

For maximum impact you can send balls to all three of his Ohio Offices:

Butler County Office
7969 Cin-Day Rd. Suite B
West Chester, Ohio 45069


Clark County Office
76 East High Street
3rd Floor
Springfield, Ohio 45502


Miami County Office
12 South Plum Street
Troy, Ohio 45373


(Please make sure you take lots of pictures of you at the Post Office mailing Speaker)

Or Use Social Media!!

Boehner some balls and post them to his Facebook Page:

You can also tweet this to the Speaker on Twitter:
Help @SpeakerBoehner Have Some #BallsToImpeach

The Speaker on Flicker:

The Speaker on Instagram:

The Speaker on Google Plus:

PLEASE be respectful and professional when contacting the Speaker.

Media Inquiries:

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