Drivers Licence in Texas? 10 Fingerprints Please!

imagesWhen…When…When… are our legislators on the right going to figure out that it is exactly situations like this that the left uses to trample on our Freedom and Liberty?

Really. Quietly, earlier this year, the Texas Department of Public Safety began requiring full sets of fingerprints from everyone who obtains a new driver’s license or photo identification card.

Quietly? I wonder why? Might it be because this would cause an uproar? Duh!

Well, it seems that, just like with Common Core, the process of debate has been just tossed out like an old rag and our Representative Government has decided to just decide what is good for us.

As bad as this is, it looks like this actually started with some 2005 legislation co-sponsored by our current Agriculture Commissioner, Todd Staples, who was a  state senator at the time. This really honks me off as I really like Mr. Staples. But for goodness sake, when are our legislators on the right going to learn that we cannot sanitize the world from every problem with overreaching legislation? “DPS spokesman Vinger says the system has already led to the capture of three individuals wanted for crimes.”  Yes folks… that would be THREE!!!! Insane!!! I have to go drink some coffee, you better get one too… or something stronger, before we continue!

OK, I am better. Now to continue. It gets better! It seems that DPS (Texas’ Department of Public Safety) just “decided” during the first part of this year to go from taking a thumbprint, to an all out collection of all ten fingers from everyone they can get. Again, no public debate, no input from the great people of Texas, just a very quiet decision. I hate to tell you this DPS, but you work for the citizens of the great state of Texas! We are the employer! This would be called insubordination!!

Now, I am all for giving our public servants the needed tools to keep us safe. I understand the difficult job. But this all comes down to some very missing common sense as well as some basic fundamentals. Why should I try to say it when Benjamin Franklin said it so well:

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

We are living in an era where we are quickly giving up our Freedom and Liberty. It would take 50 more posts to cover it all. Technology itself has done plenty to erode our privacy, and we are letting our elected (and not so elected) officials use that technology to take us to a point where the government will know more about us than we know about ourselves…and without any public debate on the subject. It has been the increasing pattern, and “We the People” deserve a large part of the blame. Too many citizens are not paying attention! If we do not wake up, soon, we will be living in a nation that we do not recognize.

The good news is that this is Texas! We have some great fighters in Austin and we have some great citizens willing to stand up and say, “Oh Hell No!” Texas State Representative Steve Toth was recently quoted as saying:

“I’m gonna raise heck about this when I get back to the office. I’m going to see what I can do to stop it.”

So folks, we fight on! We have to wake up America! Talk to your neighbors. Talk to the person in the line at the grocery. Talk to the hairdresser. Overreaching government can only win when the people are uninformed.

We can be so thankful to Dave Lieber of for breaking this horrendous situation. According to Lieber, “A political science professor at Texas Christian University named Donald W. Jackson, who has a new organization called the North Texas Civil Rights Project, is offering legal support if anybody wants to challenge this new policy in court.” (Thank You as well to Jon Cassidy of Watchdog.Org)

I could continue…but I need more coffee…so I digress…for now! I will let the great Frederick Douglass have the last word:

“Nevertheless, this is no time for the friends of freedom to fold their arms and consider their work at an end. The price for liberty is eternal vigilance.”

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3 Responses to Drivers Licence in Texas? 10 Fingerprints Please!

  1. Jane Millar says:

    In Every State where I have lived, I’ve had to give my Thumb Print to get a Drivers License! Never a Full Hand Print! Peace Be Unto You and GOD Bless! Jane.

  2. Robert Hostetler says:

    Maybe we should vote for lazy people…..they would not do as much damage….

  3. Georgia Hostetler says:

    Well, got my cat nap over with and while napping I thought ~ What would my uncle do, he got three of his fingers cut off in the Hedge trimmer? Reckon he would loose his chance to renew his license? Will they be doing this to keep people from getting an ID so they can vote? I am from down here in VA and I have an ‘ID’ , this has to be something some of Obama’s characters have thought up all by themselves. What do you’ll think? (now I have never been a blond, but now and then I try hard to get a laugh out of some of you. As an AVON lady, I learned long ago that a smile uses our muscles and we don’t wrinkle as bad ~~ LOL that means Laugh Out Loud till tears come to your eyes. Georgia from Virginia.

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