I am a Frederick Douglass Republican! What’s a Frederick Douglass Republican?

Tonight KCarl Smith is on Conservatives Coast to Coast to discuss Frederick Douglass!

I am very WYSIWYG. I have no problem telling you that until last night, I didn’t get it. I understood the facts and I strongly agreed with them. But I didn’t get it! I do now! I am a Frederick Douglass Republican! Listen to KCarl Smith a couple of minutes:

You will never again hear me say that I am a Conservative Republican. I will always call myself a Frederick Douglass Republican.

What is a conservative? Well, blatantly, within conservatives themselves, it means you agree with me on all the same issues, everyone who disagrees is a fake. We showed that in the Primary. We had some good people running. Everyone spent all their time calling every candidate that was not their own, not conservative. We argued within ourselves about every fringe issue we could find instead of standing firm on common ground in what would be a very important fight. Which we lost! Dorks!

The elephant in the room however is how the masses view the word conservative. I asked almost every candidate we interviewed the last year the same question each time. How do we reach the masses? How do we get to and reach the people who only get their information from people who are lying to them? The people that have been convinced that the only thing a conservative wants to do is pillage, plunder, rifle and loot! There is a huge block of conservative minded people who have no clue that they actually agree on all the basic premises that you and I do. They do not discuss politics. They don’t watch the news. They watch sitcoms. All they know is that those conservatives are racist and greedy and stay away! They have never had a discussion in their life about the differences between larger and smaller government. They do not talk about how an economy works. They don’t have that discussion. They are just told “Conservative” …danger…stay away…far …far..away! …And leave those Moderate Republicans alone too! They are getting just as bad as those nutty conservatives! Just let the Democrats take care of you. It will all be fine.

How do we get to those people? The answer that would have pleased me most from any candidate is we have to get our message right and take it directly to the people. We need to “Roll Up Our Sleeves” and get these voters to realize that they basically are on the exact same page as we are.

We have been in this dilemma since Reagan left office. We had 8 great years and during that time we sat down on the couch to enjoy it and when things started to deteriorate we never got back up. Then all of a sudden the country elects the far left and everyone jumped up like the fire alarm went off. All we have done since is argue over issues and call each other names while the left with the full aid of the MSM exploits it.

This is why I’m confident in Stanley Mack in Alabama. I believe he understands that the key to winning is to “Roll Up Our Sleeves” and get to work reaching these voters to help them realize that they are basically on the exact same page as we are.  Stanley is a Bold Solutions candidate. Stanley’s #BoldSolution is that he is a Frederick Douglass Republican!


So what happened last night that made me get it? I listened to The Exceptional Conservative Show last night as Stanley was a guest on Ken McClenton’s superb show. You will definitely want to listen to it. ^~~that link right there will take you straight to it. Start listening while you are reading…Just keep reading! LOL

As Ken began to introduce Stanley, he mentioned that KCarl Smith had stated on his show last week that he’s got the answer that the GOP doesn’t have to reach the masses of voters that they can’t reach. Smack! Epiphany! I am a Frederick Douglass Republican. I have been sharing things about KCarl and his work for for a while now. He has called in to CC2C and we have discussed Frederick Douglass a lot on the show. But I finally got it. It has a lot to do with the fact that Alabama District 7 is not winnable. It is not winnable using the game plan that conservatives have been playing. It also is not winnable by abandoning the Republican Party.  That is the worse of all the choices. AL 7 is not “Un-Winnable”, its just that it’s only winnable by reaching the hearts and the minds of the voter. KCarl and the Frederick Douglass methodology is the solution. I am a Frederick Douglass Republican. It is not just something I discuss from now on. It is a Bold Solution that I attach myself to. I place Frederick Douglass side by side by Ronald Reagan as a symbol of what makes conservatism great.

KCarl has the answer that the GOP doesn’t.  KCarl has the bold solution. He understands the problem. Winning hearts and minds is the problem. Starting with Herman Cain two years ago, I have focused on candidates willing to lay out bold solutions to the real problems in DC. KCarl has the bold solution to get to DC in the first place, to get to the statehouses, to take back the reins from the lefts destructive policies that are hurting this nation and the  citizens they impact the most, the less fortunate. But not only to win more races, but to win the un-winnable. It’s the only solution we have. I am confident that Stanley Mack has the understanding to create and pass bold solutions as a congressman. There are plenty already out there. Just pick one. Stanley Mack has to win the election to do that. KCarls solution is the only one that can win in a 30/70 district like AL7. The key is…it can win!….and it’s the only way you will win. It is a simple plan, the basics are tried and true.

I’m not going to give you the details about who Frederick Douglass the man was. Investigate, you can start here: frederickdouglassrepublican.com/did-you-know/bio-frederick-douglass/

But I will tell you this about Frederick Douglass. He was born a slave and was raised in horrific conditions. He used that as the driving force to constantly jump his hurdles. He took the negative in his Master Hugh Auld’s conviction that education would ruin a good slave, turned it into ‘learning must be my way out of this’, and started jumping hurdles becoming not only one of the most influential men in history, but one of the most successful. When you learn who the man is, you will understand what the basic Constitutional, Conservative and Moral principles are that made this country great and made the Republicans the Grand Ol’ Party!

Frederick Douglass did not cry in front of his hurdles. He jumped them! Time for the Republican party quit arguing in front of our hurdles, and jump them. Then get back to the basics espoused by Ronald Reagan and Frederick Douglass and share them with America. They haven’t heard them in a while.

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6 Responses to I am a Frederick Douglass Republican! What’s a Frederick Douglass Republican?

  1. Clarence says:

    Scottie, your point is well taken. I agree with you. This is the answer that the GOP needs to win back the White House in 2016. I am a Frederick Douglass Republican. What I like about this message is that it trumps the “race card” and the “uncle-Tom” label. Also, this message resonates with conservatives, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, women, and youth–I am a Frederick Douglass Republican. Thank you Scottie, I get it as well.

  2. thedrpete says:

    Excellent! Just added you to my blogroll.

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