It is futile to wipe down the sink until you clean and put away the dishes!

I’m in some work groups. We pass information, do activism stuff, laugh and cry with each other, you know…that kinda thing. We get a lot done in these cyber-offices. Sometimes we don’t. Last weekend I was appalled. That means I was filled with consternation and dismay. The conversation was something like this, I’m using a bit of editorial privilege to make this very basic:

Fred: I don’t like abortion but if it was from a rape it’s ok.

Jane: We are conservatives in here.

Dick: You’re not a true conservative!

Sally: We have to stand exact on the issues or we might as well give up

Jane: If it was what Reagan said…that’s where we stand!

Fred: Well I’ll just leave!

Jane, Dick, and Sally: Bye!

Sally: Ok. we are all in agreement. Issue over. Go back to what you were doing. Problem Solved.


Problem solved? Issue over? I don’t think so!


There was no solution! A bunch of people who stopped and screamed at each other in front of the hurdle, but no solution! …and no one…I repeat no one, jumped over that hurdle. Period. End of story. Simple. Basic. Foundational. Yes. Tone intentional. This is a free country. You are free do act as you will. But if you refuse to jump the hurdle and then go try to grab the winning trophy, forget it!

The answer from both sides should have been the same. We agree to disagree on what law should be for that tiny fraction and lets get back to discussing ending the 99% that we will NEVER save if we don’t quit trying to wipe down the sink before we wash the dishes.

I want abortion as close to zero as humanly possible, but if we are going to get there, we have to frame the discussion around the foundational principles that make us correct and quit letting the other side own the narrative by dragging us away from those basics. We have to be willing to quit debating the left and start educating our neighbors.

I almost always give this same response. It works. I have tied up every abortion advocate that I have ever spoken with on this issue for decades with these simple words:

If I were to give advice to a rape victim it would be that of all the alternatives, ending an innocent life should not be one of them. That however is a tiny fraction of the abortions every year. I’m concerned with getting rid of the huge elephant of  abortions that are because someone just wants to duck responsibility. Let’s talk about all the lives that are ended just because bringing that child to term is inconvenient.

This issue affects a fraction of a fraction of a % of all abortions. It is crazy that we let the left drag us into this discussion. It is insane that we argue and split over this.

If we do not get back to educating the basics, we will never win these debates. Whether it be on the stage of a Presidential Debate or sitting across the table having a discussion and everything in-between, the message will not get past the lack of understanding of the basics or the smear campaign.

Abortion is a very serious issue to me. I was adopted. We win big on this issue. The left knows it. So they create a fake war on women. They take the discussion to rape. They change the wording to anti-choice. (That is until it comes to being Pro-Choice for a woman to own a gun). And we let them get us stuck on stupid. We fall in and argue over there.

Again I say, “It is futile to wipe down the sink until you clean and put away the dishes!” Why do we even let them get us started in a discussion on rape. As Rodney Stanhope explained on Conservatives Coast to Coast, the left is never afraid to take mini steps. They took prayer out of schools in the 50′s and put sexuality in Kindergarten in the first decade of this new century. Step by step they have changed the perceptive of the term Conservative that Stanley Mack and KCarl so often mention. We somehow never learned the basic premise Aesop’s The Monkey and the Cookies:

A monkey put his hand into a jar of cookies.  He grasped as many as he could possibly hold, but when he tried to pull out his hand, he was prevented from doing so by the neck of the cookie jar.  Unwilling to lose the cookies, and yet unable to withdraw his hand, he burst into tears and bitterly lamented his disappointment.

Until we do…we keep losing this battle. We’re gonna keep losing until we start doing what we were when we were winning.

We need to quit playing the game of pride and start playing the game of save as many innocent lives are possible. I’m guilty here too. This is not a critique of an individual. This is a call to action. The churches are responsible too. No matter what your affiliation, the purpose of individual religion is to help hold up the line of morality in a nation. We are to be the salt. The preserver, the medicine.

We are getting nowhere because we argue about the far reaching goals instead of working to save who we can.

Scott…being Scott.

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