America’s poorest and Alabama’s 7th District: An Illustration

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I spoke in depth this week with Stanley Mack, who is looking to become the next Congressman for the 7th District of AL. Stanley’s run was born out of the Don Chamberlain Campaign. As a political advisor to Don, Stanley impressed people as he he took on the role of surrogate. After my conversation, I understand why. Stanley is impressive. He communicates well. He is a Frederick Douglass Republican and has strong core conservative principles.  He will fight for our Constitution. He will fight for our Liberty and Freedom. He will fight for We the People! I believe that. I have confidence. The 7th District can be won if the message is framed right and it is taken directly to the constituents. I believe Stanley can not only win, but by doing so help turn around the Titanic. I believe, with time and patience, Stanley has what it takes to convince the constituents that there is a much better path than the one they have tried.

It takes a lot more than agreeing on a list of issues to get my confidence. Herman Cain forever changed how I would look at candidates. I need to know this person has the ability to problem solve and architect a real solution. I need to know this person understands the importance of framing a simple convincing message. A candidate that sticks out well over the rest. I want to know that the character behind the issues is right. We will never have another Ronald Reagan. But we have men and women of this country who have just as much potential.

I have asked every candidate we have interviewed on Conservatives Coast t0 Coast, as well as every candidate that I have put time into the same basic question. How do we get to the average voter and educate them on the basic principles of why we are conservatives? It will only be after the majority of the American people understand the true basic differences between the Free Market system and a government operated Socialist system that they will chose the path to prosperity. They have to understand why big bureaucratic government is not as efficient as stronger local control. They need to understand the end game of the far left and the consequences of a system that always removes the hurdles and tries to micromanage fairness. Only then will they understand why one system raises the standard of living and the other lowers it. We like to argue issues and that’s great, but the bulk of the people who are fertile ground to changing minds and hearts don’t listen to that debate because they do not understand the foundational principles of why we stand where we do. We have to educate them first. When we do, they will vote different.

The left understands this better than we do. Socrates said that when the debate becomes lost, that slander becomes the tool of the user. They know this and we know they know because for decades they have been blatant about using it as their number one tactic. They cannot handle a debate on making a better life for the poor with us. Stanley said to me, “We have all the statistics in our favor.” That is the key. We have concrete proof that smaller local government is more efficient at handling most legislative needed issues. We have the facts to back ourselves up that uncertainty in regulation and taxes stifles the economy. We can prove that the lefts push for more and more government dependency lowers the standard of living for the poorest more than any other group. It is a blatant fact that the federal government is inept at handling almost everything. It is basic common sense that if you create a system where everything is provided that eventually, no one has anything.

Stanley also made a statement about an issue that has been my biggest pet peeve concerning the voters that we have full ability to change hearts and minds in. He stated, “They do not define the word conservative as we do.” This is the other side of the problem. The elephant of all the problems in the room. The left takes Socrates to heart. They use slander as the tool of choice every time. They are unified in that. They take every advantage to turn the conversation into a way of name calling. They have painted the word Conservative and we have let them. This is not only their main tactic, this is in every manual they use. Stanley uses the term Frederick Douglass Republican because he understands that to stay on the message, you have to get back to explaining why you believe what you believe. That tells me he knows how to get past the hurdles to deliver the message.

If we do not get back to educating the basics, we will never win these debates. Whether it be on the stage of a Presidential Debate or sitting across the table having a discussion and everything in-between, the message will not get past the lack of understanding of the basics or the smear campaign.

I want to use an illustration. Abortion is a very serious issue to me. I was adopted. We win big on this issue. The left knows it. So they create a fake war on women. They take the discussion to rape. They change the wording to anti-choice. (That is until it comes to being Pro-Choice for a woman to own a gun). And we let them get us stuck on stupid. We fall in and argue over there.

I almost always give this same response. It works. I have tied up every abortion advocate that I have ever spoken with on this issue for decades with these simple words:

If I were to give advice to a rape victim it would be that of all the alternatives, ending an innocent life should not be one of them. That however is a tiny fraction of the abortions every year. I’m concerned with getting rid of the huge elephant of  abortions that are because someone just wants to duck responsibility. Let’s talk about all the lives that are ended just because bringing that child to term is inconvenient.

It is futile to wipe down the sink until you clean and put away the dishes! Why do we even let them get us started in a discussion on rape. As Rodney Stanhope explained Monday on Conservatives Coast to Coast, the left is never afraid to take mini steps. They took prayer out of schools in the 50’s and put sexuality in Kindergarten in the first decade of this new century. We somehow never learned the basic premise Aesop’s The Monkey and the Cookies:

A monkey put his hand into a jar of cookies.  He grasped as many as he could possibly hold, but when he tried to pull out his hand, he was prevented from doing so by the neck of the cookie jar.  Unwilling to lose the cookies, and yet unable to withdraw his hand, he burst into tears and bitterly lamented his disappointment.

I want abortion as close to zero as humanly possible, but if we are going to get there, we have to frame the discussion around the foundational principles that make us correct and quit letting the other side own the narrative by dragging us away from those basics. We have to be willing to quit debating the left and start educating our neighbors. Our candidates need to focus on educating why they believe what they do.  Stanley understands this. This is about AL7. Stanley understands that if you want to create a better standard of living for all of the constituents of the district, whether it be the un-born or the multiple generation dependent families, you have to reach and educate the people.

Alabama District 7 is on the list of possible missed opportunities. The left never fails to take advantage of a crisis. We put them in the circular file. We can flip Al 7. (It is actually very similar on a small scale to the hurdles we have here in California.) The establishment’s solution to losing consistently to the left is to moderate. (I think that method has a track record that speaks for itself.) But the solution by the passionate conservative is not always correct either. Sometimes we need to know when to shut up and take the conversation right back to the uncomfortable ground for the left, the basics. It is only there that we can bring back voters that have voted for the other side for generations because they believe a false narrative. AL 7 can be won. That is a reality. It will take work. But if accomplished correctly, AL 7 can be a model to help bring prosperity back to some of the poorest regions of the country.  It can be an illustration to the American people of the result of the system that the left would like us all to live under. I am confident in Stanley’s ability to take that message. I am confident in the people he has surrounded himself with. I am confident in the passion and resolve of the grassroots volunteers who will see what I do.

So as always, I ask you to look for yourself. Stanley is just getting started. This is the beginning of a two year journey towards November of 2014.

Please help Stanley as you can. Right now, a bit of cash is helpful. If you can help that way I can guarantee that it will be spent wisely in the beginnings of this campaign. Number one priority will always be name recognition. Stanley will be our special guest on CC2C this coming Monday 7 PM PT/ 10 PM ET

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