Time to concentrate some on party politics; The California GOP needs Rodney Stanhope

Hear Rodney Mon Jan 14 on

Conservatives Coast to Coast!

We need to make sure we get the right candidates this time…..they need to be able to give a consistent, clear, simple message like Ronald Reagan did. What he did…and what worked, and what we keep missing. He reached the people. It is great to have a speaker that we conservatives like to listen to and get us excited. I am a public speaker. I get that. But we need to get to the brainwashed voter. We have to educate the American people. There is a huge voter bloc that does not understand the differences and concepts behind capitalism and socialism, free market and intrusive regulation, expansive federal control vs greater local control. They do not understand the economic ramifications of the socialization of healthcare…nor the socialization of the oil industry…

We have to get to the people who do not watch the news. They do not keep up with current events. They do not discuss politics. We need Republican leadership that can excite the base, get the foundational message out, and correctly utilize the millions of activist in the conservative movement. We need leadership that understands the tactics of the left and how to combat them. That knows how to keep the discussion off the fringe where the left always drags us. That stands firm on conservative values. We have to quit letting the left take ownership of the narrative. We have to get back to basic conservative principles and go back to doing what worked.

When Herman Cain suspended, he said to go local. Many did. In getting acquainted with campaigns, I discovered a need for better party candidates as well as the help required to get real leaders elected. I also came to understand the vital importance of doing so.

This is why I am dedicating energy to helping Rodney Stanhope get elected to the California Republican Party Vice Chair. Rodney gets it. Rodney understands the grassroots. Rodney is grassroots. Investigate for yourselves. It will not take long until you see that he is a Bold Solutions oriented Real Leader who wants to fight for We the People.

“Goal number one for Stanhope is to return the California Republican Party to a grassroots organization that puts volunteers first.”

Cris Alarcon, Placerville Newswire, Jan 3 2013

“California Republicans looking for that new brand of party leader can look no further than to Rodney Stanhope”

John Stammereich, Examiner.com, Jan 6,2013

Does he have the fight in him?

“VIOLENT LEFTIST THUG Attacks Tea Party Patriot at Sacramento Rally (Video)”

Posted by Jim Hoft, gatewaypunFebruary 26, 2011

So I ask you to stand at me and help Rodney win this. We have to rebuild the GOP from the ground up. We did it for Herman Cain, we can do it for the Republican Party.



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