Open Letter to #SGP and #PolitiGals ! I Should NOT have to say this!

UPDATE: I wrote this Monday. I held it, prayed about it, and consulted two of my closest female friends before I posted. The Monday’s CC2C show came and went. Tony Hernandez won and Marielena lost. While you guys were bickering. Tonight is The Free Don Miller Show. I would request everyone be there at 7PM PT /10PM ET

WOW! …Just Wow!

I deal with a 3, 6, and a 10 year old all day, every day. I cannot believe that I am about to have to tell GROWN WOMEN the same basics I am teaching little girls about character and standards about how conservative Christians treat other people. I am in absolute shock that I have to do this…but we are in a fight for our country against total dependance on our government. We do not have time for childishness in the ranks. We have work to do. We have people in and out of this Great Nation trying to destroy us. Shame on both sides to the very public fighting between SmartGirlPolitics and PolitiGals.

I have been proud of you SGP. I help spread your hash-tag, your articles. In discussions I have openly praised the work you do. I think you have awesome potential and fit an important need. One of the more important groups around.

PolitiGals, I have been watching you closely with excitement. I have connections in your ranks. There is a huge gap in women’s groups and I have been praising and sharing what you are trying to achieve.

You both have so much potential and a vital role in taking this country back.

I am purposely including the same tone in this letter that you would hear If I walked into the kitchen after it had been destroyed by three children. You may not like my method. I do not give a rats you know what. All I care about is results. There is only one acceptable result. That is both working together to replace the fighting that neither of you can seem to keep private!

I do not have the time to do this. I have show tonight with two important congressional candidates, Danny Stroud CO and Tony Hernandez MN. I need to be preparing and promoting. (Yes…shameless plug for two awesome candidates while I am shaming you. You will see more. If I have to waste my time for nonsense, my candidates are getting sumpin’ outa it!)

I am also actively spending my time for Malvia Garcia & Marielena Stuart, as well as an effort to draft Zach Poskevich for 2014.

On top of all of that. Don Miller is sitting in prison for a crime 14 years out of 52 that was never committed. You are taking from his time also. This story of Judicial Favors for Sexual Favors that CBS and 48 hours is investigating in Hurley WI would be better benefited if you helped his mother Pat Miller get her innocent son home during the time you are bickering on Twitter. Did I mention Don’s son committed suicide in Dec.

There is no excuse…I repeat…no excuse for this fighting in the first place. This is not about your Egos. This is about the future of this country. There is not a enough time in the day to get done what needs to be done. You are not only wasting time and energy that needs to be directed elsewhere, you have chosen to do it in public! Shame on both of you.

SPG there is plenty of room for many womens groups. The fact that you act like you can handle it all only shows you you have no grasp on problem solving. This is not about becoming famous. This is about work. Your tweets clearly show you have no concept of this basic simple truth. That shocks me. I really expected better.

PolitiGals…simple…takes two to fight..SGP wants to look like a you know what…you stay silent and keep working. I know what kind of hours you are doing. If you take this road you are on…I guarantee you will be bust soon after Nov. I personal know of people in your grassroots who are really thinking twice. I would too. You guys did not hold a clean public dialogue either.

You are both grounded until further notice! I say that lovingly and with a smile on my face.

So We have two choices. I repeat. Two. You get to make that choice and it will immediately define your character.

You can get upset, make excuses, stay the “she started it” game, attack the messenger…that would be me…but believe me…I have a small cheering section behind me. Like I tell the kids. I don’t care if you get mad at me. There will be many other times I am sure. I love you anyways, unconditionally. I just want you to grow up respected among your peers for your good character and strong values.

If you chose this, well known, far left tactic, then it is up to everyone to decided for themselves the character of both groups. At that point, you admit defeat by action.

“When the debate is lost, Slander becomes the tool of the user!” Yes…giving Socrates a plug too.


I repeat “OR”

You guys can prove that you ARE ready to be the “Big Shots” that you both seem to want more than accomplishment. Stop the bickering. Apologize to the rest of us who have been working while you guys fight. Apologize to each other. Put your heads together and get back to work. Learn from this mistake. Vow to do do better in the future. Be willing to admit wrong, turn direction and do it right. <~~~That would be a basic conservative character trait….I should not have to be saying this.

Let me make this clear. As long as both groups are fighting, the damage you do to the overall fight, is more than the accomplishments by your groups. You are better off at that point to close down shop. However, working together you can move Mountains. It is your decision. We will see what character comes out of this. We are conservatives ladies, where Ronald Reagan proved that Character is King!

This also goes for every group. A house divided against itself cannot stand. We have no room for Ego’s right now. We all need to pull together. This is a fight for the future of my three nieces…..This is serious!

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One Response to Open Letter to #SGP and #PolitiGals ! I Should NOT have to say this!

  1. rjlower says:

    I didn’t know anything about this “feud” until now, Scottie, but the thought of it saddens me. Also, thank you for liking my very green blog. I hope I can make it better, in time!

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