Malvi Lennon, A breath of fresh air and an inspiration of confidence.

We had a very special guest on Monday’s Conservatives Coast to Coast show. Malvi Lennon, who is running for Connecticut State Senate impressed us all. Wow!
We have had Presidential and Legislative candidates on the show but Malvi is the first candidate we have had running for State government. I ask myself, “Why?” because in reality, they are more important. I do believe that we will have to focus better.

Malvi is in a long line of candidates that follow a certain pattern on our show. You see, we only have Awesome Candidates on the show. The candidates that we find to bring on the show are the kind of people that inspire confidence. The candidates we have, unlike my Senator from California, want to go to work, not “Be Important”. I guarantee you this! You will never hear Malvi say, “Can you call me Senator please, I’ve earned it!” That may be what Barbara Boxer is all about, but not Malvi! Why am I so confident? Because she inspired that confidence. If you listen to her, you hear someone who wants to fix problems, pick up a shovel and dig, even pick up an axe and chop down if necessary. Most politicians will spread out in front of you all the legislation they support. Malvi talked about real problems, real solutions, and real guts to make it happen! She has seen the effects of top heavy government, she has seen the effects of elected leaders who “get too big for their britches!”

(Yes, that would be you Barbara Boxer, I use you because you are the antithesis of the confidence I have in Malvi. You are cocky, arrogant, and way out of Malvi’s league. You could never be a Malvi, you do not have the character.)

Malvi is inspired to make things better, not by need of fame.

Anyone who knows me knows I hate the $$ part of campaigns. I want my candidates to have the most, but I hate raising it, I hate asking for it, I hate it! So when I say, “Help me raise money for Malvi!”, you know that it is very important. Malvi is in a situation where she can turn $15,000 into $100,000. Nice eh?
Wanna know how? By law in CT, if she raises $15 Grand, Ct has to give her over $85 Grand. So please, if you can, send her a bit, would ya? I guarantee, it is worth it. No matter what state you live in.

Listen to Malvi as she discusses the problems of our Nation as well Connecticut. Notice that she has solutions to some of our biggest problems. Try and tell me when she is done, that she does not inspire confidence.

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