Where Do RINO’s Come From? A Bedtime Story.

For months, this average Joe from the foothills in California has had the most incredible experience being closely involved in the Zach Poskevich US Senate Primary Campaign In Tennessee. Zach is not, and will never be a Republican In Name Only, more commonly called, a RINO.

Ever wonder how an elected official, starting out as someone who wants to make a difference, believes in smaller localized government and conservative principles, ends up being a Republican In Name Only? Does he get into government, only to find out that he really just misunderstood a lot and modified his beliefs accordingly? Does he have an epiphany that the other side is actually right 60% of the time? No. And…No. again…I say No!

I will proceed to show you how we get a RINO, an example of one, Senator Bob Corker, and how we keep from electing people with the character trait that causes RINOism.

I would like to direct your attention to the following: Click Here No worry about the details. They are irrelevant. What I want you to see is the length of the document and an idea of what kind of names they are. Then we shall sit by the fire and and I shall tell you a story. I will be here.

Once upon a time there was a US Citizen. Interested in current events, this citizen decided one day that he too could participate. He is smart, had some nice achievements, and enjoys talking to people. He gathers some friends, begins a campaign, and in the end, the people say “Yes” to his message. They have a party, make big plans, and begin the world of governance and legislation .

All of a sudden… all his new friends are awesome! You would not believe it. But yes, you find some of the most charitable people ever walking the halls of Washington DC. Mr. Citizen turned Elected Official has every friend he has trying to give him money. Pretty soon, if you are not careful, the votes follow the money. Not always, but enough. At that point Mr.Citizen can become a full fledged RINO, voting the money, not his constituents.

You never know unless you actually go there, I know that. I also know that campaigns take money. But I really believe that I would have the I.Q. and the guts it would take to pick out the money givers who are trying to buy me. Number one….it would offend me. Number two, you can’t trust people like that! I would like to say I would be holding a press conference yelling far and wide who was doing so.

But in a world that is so expensive to keep your job, how does ANYONE…go to D.C. and not get sucked into this culture? Well the answer is really simple, a basic Biblical principle, and even further, a basic moral principle.

You see, the mistake I see Sen.Corker making in this list, is the inability to say no to money. In order to be a good leader, you have to be able to say no. To stay uncorrupted, you have to be able to say no to money sometimes.

Now what is fact here? That is important. Fact is the average Republican voter can look at the decisions Corker has made the last 6 years, and decide for him or herself whether those decisions match up with the person they thought they elected. What I see is a lot of votes that this conservative disagrees with.

But what happened to our story, we really haven’t finished it. The man in that story is Zach Poskevich. The outcome has not happened yet. But what what will Zach do when he gets to Washington DC? I can’t tell you. No one can. I can tell you this, I know enough about Zach and Lenore Poskevich that I am fully confident that the Zach that I am trying to help send to Washington DC will be the same man after 6 years that he is now. I will repeat myself. Fully confident.

Fully confident that Zach will make conservative decisions. Fully confident that Zach will fight for a firm adherence to the Constitution and the Rule of Law. I am fully confident that Zach wants to go to DC to work, not play ‘person of importance’ wandering DC.

(Barbara Boxer, you have not EARNED the right to be called anything. Barbara, you are no Zach Poskevich! You are a SERVANT of We the People! Get it? Sorry….had to be mentioned at this point as it is a blatant illustration.)

BUT…the largest portion of confidence that I have in Zach is that he has the character, the understanding, and the courage it requires to go to DC and to stand up when it is sometimes necessary to say “NO!”

This, to me, is the difference between these two men. If I were sitting in my home across the dinner table from Senator Corker, I would probably really enjoy conversing the man himself, and I believe that we would agree on a lot! I just do not see his voting matching up with the will of his constituents. That my friends is nothing new. History will tell you where RINO’s come from.

No animals were hurt in the making of this Blog! scott






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