I am ‘Still’ Supporting Dan Hughes to run against Feinstein

UPDATE: I have been actively supporting Dan for over two months now. I have not been disappointed once and I am more confident than ever that Dan will go to DC to work hard for the people and has absolutely no ambition to go to play politics and be important. He is humble, very bright as well as educated. He likes to dig in and learn.  He has great courage. He is organized, polite, has a solid core of values and they are in his heart. The teacher would say, he gets along well with others and is very well liked. This is not rhetoric. This is my personal experience. I would personally hire Dan Hughes to go to work for California and the United States to solve and fix some problems. To work for the people. Ya know…pick up a shovel and dig kinda guy.  The following was done in January:

I have said before that as a teenager in the 80′s, I had a picture of Ronald Reagan on my wall. Reagan and my late grandmother were the inspirations for my interest in politics and current events. The GOP has been trying for years to “find another Reagan”. Impossible. He was definitely one of a kind. So was my Grandmother.

I have always been openly supportive of the candidates I liked but it was not until this last year that I ever got involved. Herman Cain got me involved. For the first time in a long time I felt like I could support a candidate that I really believed was going to get things done, solve problems, and streamline the govt and eliminate waste. Not just play politics. He inspired me like Reagan had. Herman Cain made huge impact on how I pick a candidate from here on out. When Herman Cain suspended, he said that Bold Solutions were now the focus of the campaign, continue with operation name recognition, but centerpiece has changed; It is no longer Herman Cain, it is getting candidates elected who are Real Leaders and Problem Solvers in DC. It is getting real legislation passed that is not invested by lobbyists and special interest groups. To get “We the people” to unite and say “Enough”. To get “We the People” to unite behind problem solvers running for office.

I looked at those in California running to defeat Diane Feinstein. Two stood out. But Dan Hughes stood head and shoulders above the rest as a candidate that I could be confident in to go to Washington DC as a worker hired by the American People to accomplish some problem solving with common sense and conservative principles. Like like Ronald Reagan and Herman Cain, Dan will go to Washington to simplify it, not create a bigger intrusion of government on the American People.

I twittered Dan and he responded. Handed me his tax plan. A plan, a simple, fair, and as far as I am concerned, workable Tax plan. When I looked at his website, there were solutions. Some in one sentence. Some in bullet points. Politicians really do not do this. When you place on paper what you plan to do, you give something for the opposition to attack. “How’s that been workin’ out for ya?” Dan had solutions. Dan had bold ideas.

As I looked further, I saw that Dan had leadership experience that is vital to getting the solutions accomplished. His ability to rise from the position of unemployed to having 100 employees is a success story that cannot be minimized. Dan has the speaking ability to get the message across. He is professional, friendly and upbeat. He stands on conservative principles. He is a good family man and has values. Dan is one of the few. One of the few we can have confidence in to be the same when he gets to Washington DC. I am confident that Dan Hughes will go to Washington DC and not be a politician, but a real leader.

So I am going to do continue what I have been doing for the last year. The focus is no longer getting Herman Cain elected to the office of President. The focus is making sure Dan Hughes is very tired one year from now from moving into Diane Feinstein’s old office. I am going to use the power of of social networking to get as many people as I can to take a look at Dan Hughes, his plans and who he is. I am going to leave a trail of Dan Hughes everywhere I go. Whether it be by a DanCard (open it, print it, leave it somewhere, simple), bumper sticker, conversation or in the comments of news articles. By twitter and other social medium. My friends and family will get a year long look at Dan Hughes. (Gotta love a captive audience!) My focus once again will be simple. Name recognition.

So with that I would encourage you also to look at Dan Hughes. Don’t take my word for it. Take a look at Dan for yourself. Then come back and tell me in the comments of this blog that he doesn’t have any Bold Solutions. I challenge you. Take a look. I think you will like what you see. If you do, join me in helping spread Dan Hughes’ name and message. If you Twitter, Dan is @DanHughes2012 and his FB is facebook.com/DanHughes2012. Go to his website and sign up for his Updates at danhughes2012.org If you are active in campaigns financially, please, you can also donate there.

Californians, we really need your help. Go to Dan’s website and volunteer. Americans, all of our Senators effect all of our lives. Join me in supporting Candidates with Bold Solutions like Dan Hughes. Lets take an army of them to Washington DC and make those in DC just playing politics the minority. Its time to to put America Back on Track.

Listen to Dan yourself:

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