Open letter to two great candidates, Elizabeth Emken and Dan Hughes!

Boy am I at a delima. I have taken a look at two of our candidates “primarying” to run against #retireFeinstein, @ElizabethEmken and @DanHughes2012 and you are both great. California conservatives can be proud and confident of having either of you as our candidate. I have read websites and news articles, watched clips, and done other research. So how do I pick?

Like always I am going to pick the one presenting bold solutions to some major problems. Our country is broken. We have got to start fixing or we are going to be in trouble. Our schools are ridden with the far left. Our tax code is a catastrophe. Lobbyists writing the legislation is suffocating this country. Our business climate is suffocating the free market. I could go on. Fixing these problems requires solutions.

Obviously I would like you to refer to Mr. Herman Cain for help on the solutions but that is not my deciding factor. Just solutions. I do not care where they come from. But one solution that I really want you to look at is 9-9-9. Mr. Cain is having the legislation written as we speak. It will be easy to understand. It will not have the corruption that all of the bills in congress have built in as it is not written by lobbyists. It will be transparent. It will transfer power back to the people like no other legislation.

The plan itself is the key. The 9% Corporate tax will undercut the current lowest corp tax in the world and bring business back to the states. The 9% sales tax will replace the 18-35% embedded taxes in every good we buy.

I am going to have Rich Lowrie, the creator of 9-9-9 as a guest on Conservatives Coast to Coast, a blogtalk radio show that I co-host along with Stephen Williams, Bob Green, and John Grooms. We are going to have a great discussion on the merits of the plan. I would love it if you both could take the time to listen, and then take a look at the legislation when it is complete.

Like I said, concerning your vote, it is more about having bold solutions, not your endorsement or participation in 9-9-9. But Herman Cain’s plan B is go local. There are almost 500,000 active Cain Supporters looking for local candidates to help support by groundwork, social networking, and financially to those candidates that like Mr. Cain, have a message of solving problems with bold solutions. I was the California Leader for Team Cain. I know well the Cain Grassroots here. They are ready to bend over backwards for a candidate that is not going to Wash to be a politician, but a problem solver.

I look forward to the next few weeks as I decide on one of you. Wish I could pick all of the above as you are both very impressive.

Conservative’s Coast to Coast!

Monday @ 7PM PT

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