Herman Cain Swung it Out of the Ballpark in a Trifecta Grande Finale Message on the High Tech Lynching

For 9 days, the opposition of Herman Cain have launched an entirely unsubstantiated smear attack on his character. Throughout that time, Herman Cain raised money off the charts, had the highest numbers ever on Twitter, went crazy on FaceBook, Started and finished a goal for a million dollar fund raising effort for Iowa, gained some major name recognition, held pretty steady in most polls and he continues to double everyone else in Positive Intensity.

Then Monday night, Mr. Cain goes on Jimmy Kimmel and hits a home run. Be sure to listen to all three parts:

Then he went on ABC today and showed the world exactly why he has landslided the positive intensity poll for the entire election.

I finish with an excerpt from a good friend of Mr. Cain, Maurice Atkinson

“I’ve known Herman Cain for nearly a decade. Mr. Cain has been an honorable and decent human being who has worked tirelessly to make a positive difference in his world. In fact, Cain is a rare commodity; he makes things happen as opposed to waiting on the powers that be to create one’s paradigm.

Earlier this year I had a phone conversation with him and indicated he would be swimming in the sewer before he began to soar. At the time, I had no clue how prophetic those words were. Herman Cain will outwork just about anyone to reach his goal, it’s in his DNA. He set his goal high and has been working like the election were tomorrow to promote his vision.

Please read Maurice’s full article.

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