Herman Cain is 100% Pro Life

Dear Friends,

The abortion issue is very serious. I believe strongly that this is true, and I believe that you do too.

Because the news media loves to make mountains out of mole hills, I want to be very clear about where I stand on abortion:

I am 100% pro-life, period.

Let me explain. In an interview yesterday with Piers Morgan on CNN, I was asked questions about abortion policy and the role of the President. If you listen to the line of questioning, it is clear that Mr. Morgan was asking if I, as president, would simply “order” people to not seek an abortion.

My answer was focused on the role of the President. The President has no constitutional authority to order any such action by anyone. That was the point I was trying to convey.

As to my political view on abortion…again, I am pro-life. End of story.

As President, I will appoint judges who understand the original intent of the Constitution. Judges who are committed to the rule of law know that the Constitution contains no right to take the life of unborn children.

I will oppose government funding of abortion. I will veto any legislation that contains funds for Planned Parenthood. I will do everything that a President can do, consistent with his constitutional role, to advance the culture of life.

Friends, please know that I appreciate all of your support. Together, we will put America back on the right track.


Herman Cain

Don’t Tell me this is not a Life:

Don’t Tell me this is not a Life:

I was born in 1968 before Roe Vs Wade. I was an unwanted pregnancy. I was adopted. Had I been aborted it would not have just been an unwanted fetus. A 40 year life as a good friend to people in 28 states, son, grandson, brother, nephew and most important, the best uncle in the world to three precious little girls, would have been aborted.

NO ONE had the right to take that away from me. Not my biological father, and definitely not the woman who gave birth to me. No they did not have that right! I have the right to do anything I want with my right hand. I can snap my finger, I can lead singing, I can shove food in my mouth! But my right to what I can do with that right hand which is my body stops the moment my right hand socks someone in the face. Then I don’t have the right to choose what I do with my body anymore because it steps on someone elses rights!

A woman can do anything she wants with her body….until what she does interferes with another life. An an unborn fetus is more than that. It represents, like me, a full life!

We have come a long way!


Poll finds 56% of all Americans and 58% of those 18-29 years old say abortion ‘morally wrong’


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