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Doubt Cain because of Right of Return? Herman Cain’s answer is EXACTLY why I am supporting him all the way. Those of you who are waiting for the perfect candidate will have to wait for Heaven. We need a candidate that is open, honest, willing to admit a mistake, and doesn’t pretend that he knows everything.


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  1. Hi Scott, I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog and viewing your collection of videos. Thanks for putting it together.

    I will be adding you to my blogroll so others can find you as well.

    Now, about this post. I agree with you, unless Jesus returns and decides to run for President, we’re not going to find a perfect candidate. But Herman Cain’s willingness to admit to a mistake is a refreshing change from the Washington status quo. I like it! A lot!

    From the first time I heard Mr. Cain speak, I thought, “Man this guy needs to be in The White House!”, and that is what I, along with you and many others, are working for.

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