Why I am supporting Herman Cain for President

As a teenager in the 80’s, I had a picture of Ronald Reagan on my wall. Reagan and my late grandmother were the inspirations for my interest in politics and current events. The GOP has been trying for years to “find another Reagan”. Impossible.  He was definitely one of a kind. So was my Grandmother.

In these many years, however, I have only found one man who has those same qualities that made Reagan so great to so many. That man is who I am going to throw my full support behind in this Republican primary. That man is Herman Cain.

It seems that I am not the only one who is greatly impressed with Mr. Cain. Notice the reaction of the voters in this focus group after the first Republican debate:

Like the “Great Communicator”, Herman Cain knows what needs to be said and knows how to say it. He is captivating to listen to and a powerful personality appears when he speaks. He speaks with knowledge and authority yet in a way that is easily understood. He uses illustrations. He is not afraid of what the liberals might say.

Herman Cain also knows what the message needs to be. He understands that taxes are the peoples money. He understands that local government is infinitely greater at accomplishing what the federal government cannot micro-manage. This concept has been lost somehow in the American understanding. It is vital to our security, economy, education system, social services, and fixing the bureaucratic mess we find ourselves in. Herman Cain is communicating this message.

The more I listen to Herman Cain speak, the more I realize that he is by far ahead of the pack. He is not only what the United Stated needs, he is desperately what the Republican party needs. He understands the need for a simple tax. He knows what it takes to make businesses thrive which is the only way to bring our jobless rate down. He understands the fiscal stimuli of lower taxes. He states the need to remove the capital gains tax. I could go on, I would rather you listened to him yourself.




Visit hermancain.com for more.

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2 Responses to Why I am supporting Herman Cain for President

  1. scottie1321 says:

    Yes it looks like Presidential material. If you want a man who has never made mistakes before then go to heaven. Reagan was a Democrat in his early life.

    Cain answered the question right. He supported the bailouts and TARP. He doesn’t anymore. He disagreed with the way they were implemented. Me too. At the time, all economists on both sides said something had to be done. We were headed off a cliff.

  2. scottie1321 says:

    You say, “[Cain] offers no legislative experience to lead a nation.”


    There are three branches of government.
    Executive (President),
    Legislative (Congress),
    and Judicial (Supreme Court).

    He doesn’t need Legislative experience (in fact that is what makes him great, he is NOT a politician.), he needs Executive experience. That he has plenty of.

    He WAS on the community board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City. So he is in a great place to fix the problems. He has stated those problems and how to fix them well. I would encourage all to listen to his comments on this issue.

    BTW Your statement,

    “before you commit to what you truly don’t understand.”

    is not allowed in the future. No ad-hominem attacks allowed on this blog. That will keep me from approving your post. Only civility and debate here. I will never NOT approve just because you provide a different point of view, only for lack of civility.

    If the only thing anyone can throw at Cain is what you have then he will be a great conservative President. All those boards you mentioned add to his EXECUTIVE experience.

    If he is the nominee for the GOP, will you support him or Obama?

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