Snow and the Lessons Learned

Snow and the Lessons Learned.

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Revolt Against the Testing Tyrants

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Michelle Malkin | Mar 19, 2014

Have you had enough of the testing tyranny? Join the club. To be clear: I’m not against all standardized academic tests. My kids excel on tests. The problem is that there are too damned many of these top-down assessments, measuring who knows what, using our children as guinea pigs and cash cows.

College-bound students in Orange County, Fla., for example, now take a total of 234 standardized diagnostic, benchmark and achievement tests from kindergarten through 12th grade. Reading instructor Brian Trutschel calculated that a typical 10th-grade English class will be disrupted 65 out of 180 school days this year alone for mandatory tests required by the state and district. “It’s a huge detriment to instruction,” he told the Orlando Sentinel last month. The library at one Florida middle school is closed for a full three months out of the 10-month school year for computerized assessments.

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Why Should I be a Frederick Douglass Republican candidate?

We are very free to worship and be a Christian in this country. I want the same for my nieces in 40 years. At that point, they can fight for their kids Liberty. I fight to keep the church as close to the Word as possible and my country as close to the Constitution as possible so that both are still healthy after they become adults. I know that it is the historic pattern of man to leave God’s plan when things are going good. I know that it is the historic pattern of man to slide from freedom back into slavery. I know that in one generation, man can go from one very pleasant standard of living…to suffering.

Life goes in cycles. It always has, it always will. There is no such word as cycular, there should be. Circular just doesn’t fit quite as well. A tree sprouts, grows old and dies, leaving behind new trees to continue the cycle. So does man. The day goes in a cycle, so do the years and seasons. Climate cycles as well as respect for life. Freedom and prosperity also cycle along with bondage and poverty. Within these cycles we also find the cycle between education and ignorance. We find it today in both the church as well as in this great country. If we want the church to stay healthy, we need to keep the Word in our minds and our hearts. If we want to keep this country free, we have to get back to educating minds and hearts. It is the only solution available.

I have a close circle of friendships created over the last two years that all have one thing in common. We have all learned enough to make our heads bust. Most of us had never been active. We had voted, kept up with current events…you know…the silent majority. I commented on news articles and blogs, I discussed politics with my friends. I was always outspoken on my beliefs. But I was not active. Until Herman Cain.

Many people got on that train. Many people concerned about the loss of our Freedom and Liberty. Dedicated Patriots who believed that if we quit playing the ever disintegrating game-plan that the establishment politicians were playing, and actually put a problem solver in the helm, that we could fix things. We saw someone who could inspire and clearly state the message. Herman Cain got off that train, we never did. Two years later, I am still in close contact with numerous people who immediately got involved with other campaigns. Who continued to use the tools they had learned to share information, to speak up, to support. Campaigns all over country, National, State and Local.  Herman Cain’s legacy will be the numerous grassroots activists that he woke up because he was different.

The day Herman Cain suspended he said to go local. We did. I looked at candidates a whole different way. I looked for candidates willing to lay it out. I want you to tell me what your plan is. Fixing some of this stuff is not rocket scientist material. Excuse me a moment:

(When you have an 80,000 page tax code purposely designed to hide Passive-Aggressive Taxes (Thank You Wayne Thomas for the term!) that can constantly be changed and manipulated under our noses, it is a given….Start over. Wipe it out. Delete. Use it to run the Capitol Hill furnace. Start over and make it simple so the people can understand and the power rests back in the hands of the people. Fixing Taxes is simple. You just have to educate the people how deceptive the current tax code is. When the people learn that Lobbyists, DC insiders, and our elected officials use huge legislative documents for the sole purpose of keeping the people ignorant and hiding things, we will get a simpler tax code as well as readable legislation. So tell me a plan. I still like 999, it’s simple. But the exact plan doesn’t matter to me. Just have one.)

I look for candidates who have looked at the real problems and have tried to find some real solutions. Matching up with a list of how I feel on issues is important, but if the person can’t make a difference…why? I am tired of candidates who can only provide a solution within pages of legislation. I will always look for solutions first.

But we have a bigger problem. I grew to see the enormity of the problem as the last two years unfolded. We have a huge block of voters, on both sides, that do not understand the basics of why social, economic, and sovereignty issues, all three of them, end in freedom and prosperity when you give the power to the people and you limit government. They do not understand that the end is slavery and suffering when you let government grow and attempt to  micromanage everything. They do not understand it because increasingly they are being blocked out of the debate. The tactic is old school…very old school…This quote, one of my favorites.

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser.” ~ Socrates

The left has succeeded in tarnishing who we are. They have waged a war of words. Vulgar words. So that people do not listen. They are winning that battle. We have to educate the masses on some simple basics. It’s not a lot and it can be explained so easy if we would just quit arguing on the fringe long enough to discuss them. We are great at preaching to the choir. We need to get to those people we keep missing each election. They don’t understand the basics, they have just been told that we conservatives are mean and nasty.

Folks, we have to find a way to get through and remind America of what causes the liberty that has enabled our standard of living. If we don’t, we are headed for a sever reduction in our freedom and our prosperity.

We don’t just need a solution to fixing DC, we need a solution to fix our ability to fight the propaganda war. We need a Bold Solution.

I have had a #BoldSoulution filed in my brain a long time now. I mistakenly filed it originally under “hardworking activists”. I should have filed it under “bold solutions to get good solutions oriented candidates to DC” or “bold solutions to break down the barriers that keep candidates from explaining why they believe what they believe”. I should have spent some time getting Herman Cain to refer to himself as a Frederick Douglass Republican. I should have looked closer at KCarl Smith and Frederick Douglass. Now, all I ask is that you take a look.

I asked almost every candidate we interviewed on CC2C last year the same question. How do we educate the masses? How do we get past the choir and get to the people that we know stand on our basic principles but vote liberal because they are told we are the devil incarnate. How do we get past the propaganda and get the people to understand? We have the facts on our side on every issue. We know that one way enslaves and one way empowers. How do we get the people to look close enough to “know” it also?

Traditional methodology is failing us and and our Liberty is suffering. At the same time, conservatives are fighting each other on who is a conservative based on who agrees with us on which issues we are passionate on. We have forgotten the basic reasons we believe the way we do and how to explain it to others. We are failing.

Do you agree that why we stand on the issues we do, is because of how we answer these questions?

Do you admire the Founding Fathers and respect the Constitution? Do you respect life and consider it precious? Do you believe Limited Government is necessary to maintain freedom and liberty? Do you believe that fostering economic growth by encouraging entrepreneurial spirit and personal responsibility is better than government created dependency?

Good…then I have accomplished my task. You are a Frederick Douglass Republican. You just did not know it.

I am not even going to try to take it from here. Why invent the mousetrap? I may ramble, but I am K.eep I.t S.imple S.tupid all the way through.  Listen to KCarl:

Frederick Douglass forces us back to basics. Frederick Douglass answers the name calling. Frederick Douglass forces us to look back at history and reminds us of who we are.

I am a Frederick Douglass Republican. You are either reading this because I just posted it, or you are reading it because you have decided to seek office and I have poked my nose in and asked you to take a look. But this goes out to more than just candidates. This goes out to all of us. There is already a mighty Frederick Douglass grassroots already underway. Please join them.

I used to refer to myself as a Reagan Republican, that description means a lot to me. Unfortunately it means something else to a multitude of people, most of which, agree with him and true conservative principles… and just don’t know it. We need to reach these people. When we do, we need to change minds and hearts. When we do, we will landslide elections. When we remember to teach our children these principles, we will protect future generations.

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The Natural

“We have too many people right here in the 7th District alone that are not only destitute, but hopeless,”

~ Stanley Mack ~

stanleyMin Changing America’s course: An interview with Stanley Mack by Amanda Read on January 20, 2013 in

Last weekend I received a link to an interview that Amanda Read, a writer, had done with Stanley Mack. I already knew from personally speaking with him that he could make his message clear. I knew from those around him that he had been in the habit of making a very good impression as he worked side by side with Don Chamberlain. I knew as a 6 year Navy Veteran, he had a fine foundation for the organizational skills needed as well as numerous other benefits to winning office and leading well. I needed media to let other people see and hear him in action. Stanley is someone who can inspire and who can accomplish the task of getting the message directly to the masses. Stanley can do this well. Now I had some examples. Amanda filled her writing with quotes from Stanley like the one above. He shined.

“To this district and anybody who intends it harm, or anybody who wants to allow it to just exist and fester: This is a wake-up call for all conservatives, Republicans. This is a wake-up call for our nation,” says Mack. “There is no other reason that we have allowed the issues to go this far, and to continue the dogma and lip service that we’re getting from some of our elected officials.”

Read the article.

Since then, we had him on CC2C and Ken McClinton had him on the Exceptional Conservative Show. Stanley hit it out of the park both times. Stanley had clear crisp answers. Simple terms, illustrations, and solutions. Listen to both shows. I am confident, that if you just listen, you will like what you hear. That is not always the case. Over the last two years, I have had interaction with some incredible candidates. Not all of them could sell themselves. Stanley can. He is a natural. Stanley is a Frederick Douglass Republican.  Stanley knows how to find common ground.

Sunday, Stanley was interviewed on The John Fisher Show on 1420AM WACT. My internet kept me from really hearing well, but I caught some pieces. I had a conversation afterward that went something like this:

(OK, exactly like this.):

Me: “He has blown me away …he is good!”

Response: “Yes, he is a natural.”

A Natural. People are beginning to call him a natural. More than one. Stanley has the natural ability to explain the reason the policies of the left create situations like they did in AL 7 to those who do not keep up with politics. He can explain, how and why, basic principles that the constituents need to know to change hearts and minds. He can find the common ground to make that discussion possible. He effortlessly uses illustrations to convey his message. Stanley Mack has the natural ability to change hearts and minds. Stanley can convince. Stanley can message.

This morning, I listened to the show again in full. Wow! Stanley hit it out of the park again. After two shows already under his belt in one week, Stanley was in the swing of things. The venue was incredible as well. John Fischer does a superb job! I found very refreshing the “Plain Talk, Easily Understood with NO Political Correctness.” Stanley comes in on the 2nd hour. Don’t miss the first, and listen after Stanley is done. You will not be disappointed.

Listen to the archive:

I want you to notice something basic in all four interviews. When asked, “Why ya runnin’?”, Stanley’s response is always the same. He always goes right back to AL7′s current conditions. The quote from Amanda’s interview, his Fisher Show response,”Look around!”, and his answers on BlogTalk, all go straight back to the plight of the constituents in Alabama District 7. The question to the constituent is “Are you better off now than you were 40 years ago?” Stanley lived that question. He left, came back decades later, and found his home even further deteriorated. He understands the plight of these people.

Stanley knows how to explain how AL7 got there, and he has solutions that WILL get them out. He can get through to those people we never reach. He is a natural. As Stanley reveals his road to becoming a Frederick Douglass Republican, notice he says that he looked at the basics of the parties, and found his own way. Stanley Mack does not want to run a campaign to tell voters how to vote. He wants them to understand why. Stanley Mack has the skills to explain. He is a Natural.

If I were to draw a candidate out of a group. The best of however many I had. I would use the following process taken lightly from the story of Gideon. First I would separate out all those who could message, and tell the rest to go home. Simple. Then I would pull out those who looked for and discovered real solutions to correct problems, those who wanted to accomplish something, those who wanted to “Roll Up Their Sleeves and Work.”, those who were not in the game to play politics….The rest can stay and help. :) My last step would be to look at where they stand on issues.  Do they stand flat footed on the basic principles that made the Abolitionist Frederick Douglass Ronald Reagan Republican Party great? The foundation that made this the most prosperous nation in the history of the world, or are they squishy on the issues, trying to walk the political fence. As far as the fringe issues, I would lay them down. I’ll pick them up once we get the basics situated. Not before.

Stanley Mack is a Natural. Home Run on all three. Plus…he has a game plan. A winning game plan. This district is un-winnable by traditional campaign tactics. Oh..they will play an important roll, but winning this race solely relies on going back to the basics, educating the masses, and changing minds and hearts. That is Stanley’s game plan. Traditional method would be to align Stanley on a moderate to conservative scale at whatever point seems to match him up to take as many voters from his opponent as possible. Find the matching point and use that for the talking points. How did that work for you Mitt Romney! This district is un-winnable by even the best campaign tactics. You can assemble a team of the brightest minds of the past 50 years on campaign strategy and you still will not win this district. You could spend millions on this campaign and not win. This is a 70/30 game. It is un-winnable. The game is bet against it. You have to even the odds before you even get close. There is only one way to do that. Educate.

I am glad it is un-winnable. That fact is what makes the opportunity so great. Big hurdles foster great strength. Stanley can win this.  We can do this. It will be a huge job and he will need lots of help, but if we would get back to the basics everywhere and educate the people, we would create landslides out of 50/50 races. Stanley Mack has the winning game-plan, despite the odds. It is the simple game game plan, it is the one that has always worked. When Stanley wins the un-winnable, the GOP will have no choice, but to take notice. This is how we have to play to take back this great country.  Educate.

Stanley is a Natural. But he cannot accomplish this task himself. This is not a one man job. This is going to take everyone. High profile activist, low profile activists, boots on the ground in AL7, Alabama, and anywhere close enough to march to AL7. We need online activist from all over the nation. We have the ability. We have the troops. We just have to gather them. There are millions in this nation that get it! We watched grassroots workers all over the nation wake up and get behind conservative candidates these last two years. We have to get the focus on AL7 and Stanley Mack. He is rolling up his sleeves for two jobs, not just one. He first has to educate. He will win a good majority in a constituency of educated people. We have to help him. I cannot sit in a living room in AL7 and discuss basic principles. I cannot be in a park in Birmingham speaking at a rally. We have to have people on the ground. We have to have people in cyberspace.

The one and only goal is to raise name recognition on Common Sense, and Common Sense has an incredibly high Positive Intensity. If Common Sense wins, Stanley wins. If Stanley wins, I am confident he is the perfect man for the job of Congressman. I am confident he will make a difference.

Stanley needs every high profile activist in the country flocking to AL7 to share the common principles Frederick Douglass and Ronald Reagan stood on. The principles that  Stanley Mack stands on. The principles we all stand on. The principles that made this country the place that makes people risk their lives to enter. I’m not talking about coming in and receiving a speaking fee for singing to the choir. I’m talking about rolling up sleeves. I’m not talking about getting flown in, staying at a hotel, and being introduced on stage. I’m talking about tanking up and going for a drive to AL 7 and explaining to people why our principles foster freedom and why the current direction always ends in slavery. I’m talking about thinking out-o’-the-box. You gotta get to all the people we have not been reaching because current campaign methodology cannot get us there. We need the high profile activist base to put down book deals for a moment and do this. This can be won.

We need Bloggers and Tweeters and Facebookers and YouTubers and…and …and….We need to make America aware of the plight of AL7. We need to do what we do best. Share info and gather the workers. We have to focus on this district. We have to focus on KCarl and the Frederick Douglass method. Learn the history of this great man and the abolitionist movement.

We are headed for unadulterated slavery. That is a fact. History tells us exactly where socialism takes a nation, every time. Simple: East/West Germany; When the wall fell…which way did the people run? When was the last time you knew of someone risking their life to swim and float on milk cartons in shark infested waters from the US to Cuba? We have the facts. We have to make sharing them priority, and not just within ourselves. But we have to focus it on Alabama District 7. Cuba has been releasing the bonds, slightly. They are only tightening in America. We have to win in AL 7 so we can show the rest of the country that we can take it back as well.

We need ground troops in AL7. Herman Cain showed us we could make great strides with almost no money. But it takes people giving time. We need people to organize on the ground activities. We need to come up with every way possible so that by Nov 2014, we have had a chance to reach as many voters as possible. We need letters to editors, we need printed material, we need your time. We need people sharing the story of Frederick Douglass with their neighbors.

We need an all-out, absolute, complete, full-blown, all-encompassing, all-embracing,  full-scale, far reaching, in-depth, intensive, no stone unturned, out-and-out, profound, radical, sweeping, total, whole-hog effort! If we win the un-winnable, we will inspire a nation to free itself. It all depends on whether everyone gets in and believes, like the little engine that could, that we we can do this, or if we just let another missed opportunity to go by.

We have to explain the truth and expose the lies. We have the facts to back us up. Those facts work. It is exactly the reason the left spends their time calling us racists instead of discussing principles. Socrates said that when the debate was lost, that the tool the loser picks up is slander. He was exactly right. We have to stop that cycle. Only one way. Quit letting ourselves get stuck debating nonsense and get back to educating those who are not listening to that debate anyway. Stanley Mack knows what to say, and how to say it. He knows how to inspire. Listen to him for yourself. He is a natural.

If you can help in any way, please contact Jennifer Montrose, Campaign Manager:

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Time for the Abolitionists to Rise Again…Unified!

Yesterday, I watched the History Channel documentary on Frederick Douglass with my oldest niece and then we discussed it. I often use the life of an historical figure to teach the concept of jumping hurdles to my nieces. They know who Walt Disney and Helen Keller are. They know the stories of the great Biblical Characters as well such as Noah, Abraham and David. They know the character lessons that come with these characters.

When I was a child, my grandmother repeated herself..a lot! I am so glad. She taught me some very important things and I remember them. The one thing she taught me that stands far above the rest: “Always go back to the basic foundation first, it will give you the solution to every problem.” She said the reason that the church was failing to be the salt of our nation let alone be strong within itself was a lack of Old Testament knowledge. She taught that the average church member did not have the knowledge within their mind, to use to show their neighbor that there is a way that leads to contentment. She taught that this was always the case and the pattern is shown in the book of Judges. That because they did not remember Moses and the same story of freedom, they fell into bondage.

She also taught that hurdles aren’t there to cry in front of, that they are there to make us strong. That how we that handle those hurdles was directly related to being content. Paul defined contentment: “the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ.” She told me …over and over… that I would come across people who were suffering. Whether it be from poverty or whatever the circumstances may be.  That the suffering was sometimes self inflicted. That it was often directly resulting to big government and socialist leaning policies. She said that if I taught these basic principles and combine them with Love, that I would cultivate believers. In the process I would save souls. I would strengthen families, make the church stronger, and help make my country better. She told me that if I wanted to be a preacher, that this needed to be the game-plan. Go and teach. She said to use that Old Testament history as my foundation always. That God saw it fit to make sure it was the whole first 18 books of the Bible so when looking for His plan, you might start there. Teach the basics of love, character and how to treat your fellow man based on those illustrations. Teach the basics of who God is from those illustrations. Always go back to the basics.

So I always have. Thirty years ago, at 14, I taught the K-2 Wednesday night Bible class at church. I taught them Old Testament History. I’ve been teaching it ever since. I use the stories to illustrate a point. I use them to show how to handle jumping hurdles. From the pulpit to one on one, when I am sharing my faith, or my politics, when I am teaching my nieces, I always go back to the basics, and I often go right back to the Old Testament.

So why did I say all that? Because this is a Rant! Woot! LOL..but seriously, I said it to lay the foundation. While my grandmother drilled the concepts, my mom and dad taught the stories. My father liked the story of Moses leading the Israelites out of bondage. So did the writers of the New Testament. They understood that that story of bondage to freedom was the illustration to discuss the bondage of sin and the freedom in Christ.

Yes, I am getting back to Frederick Douglass, you knew that didn’t you? You see, we learn from history and we use history to teach values. We had slavery in this country, what did we learn? We learned that it is the result of one man being able to control every aspect of another’s life. We learned that education was the only way off the plantation. We learned that in order to maintain control, the master had to foster ignorance.

We learned that most slaves were treated about the same. Some much better, some much worse, but it was pretty fair between most slaves as far as what they had… Little or nothing…  Like the Israelites in Egypt, most slaves had some kind of leaky roof over their head and enough food to get the work done. It was relatively fair between slaves because the master took everything from the slave including his freedom and redistributed it, no matter what it was. The abuse was redistributed where the Master pleased as well. Free speech was rarely tolerated if it was about the master. There was no protection between the slave and master. What was truly fair for the slaves, however, that no master could take, was that there was a way to contentment. They could not just drop the physical burdens, but they could find contentment. Many did overcome the circumstances, and found it.

The illustration of slavery applies to three major aspects of our lives. The personal struggle between good and bad, the brokenness of the church, and the fundamental sociology-economic problems in this country.

The master is big government, it always has been. Education is always the answer. The people who want it fair are those who stand on socialist platforms. At the end of their road, it will be fair among the masses. No one will have anything. The standard of living will be very poor, but it will be fair.

Frederick Douglass’ self education did not remove any obstacles in his life. It helped him jump them. As he educated himself, he educated himself off of that plantation and to an incredible standard of living at the time. He had good friends and he made a huge impact on history. He relied on basic principles. He fought for them. He joined the great Abolitionist fight. As a result of his efforts, he was a part of the solution to solving the egregious problem of slavery in our country’s history.

The policy of the left requires and ends up in slavery. In trying to tackle every problem in in society as well as forcing fairness, government and its ineptness only ends up lowering the standard of living to poverty level. Again, this is true at the social level as well as the personal level. The entitlement society has stifled the poor doing just the opposite of what they say it will do. To the truly needy, the weakest, the help is never even close to sufficient because it is distributed each day to more and more. It will continue until it reaches its end. Total poverty and dependence with no freedom.

If we want to take this country back, we have to get back to basics. The Republican Party was born in the truth of the Abolition Party and was the first Civil Rights organization. In the early years of our history, like Christians, we have in that history lesson the keys to winning the battle today. KCarl and his Fredrick Douglass Methodology rests on this. Frederick Douglass was a Reagan Republican. It’s back to basics. When the left calls names, it is because they cannot win on discussion and debate. We win the debate. We already have all the correct answers and facts to back them up. We need to learn again how to teach.

I know these principles are true. My oldest niece came home from school this week, before watching Frederick Douglass, and told me of incident at school. In referring to the incident, she told her friends that the person needed to quit crying in front of her hurdles and just learn to jump. That was the only way that one could get stronger. She understood when she watched and learned of Frederick Douglass. She is 10, and she gets it! Next is William Lloyd Garrison:

“On this subject I do not which to think, or speak, or write, with moderation. No! No! Tell a man whose house is on fire to give a moderate alarm; tell him to moderately rescue his wife from the hands of the ravisher; tell the mother to gradually extricate her babe from the fire into which it has fallen; but urge me not to use moderation in a cause like the present. I am in earnest; I will not equivocate; I will not retreat a single inch; and I will be heard.” ~ William Lloyd Garrison 1831

William Garrison takes us right back to the title: Time for the Abolitionists to Rise Again…Unified! We are the Abolitionist Party. The slavery is not blatant. It has to be pointed out. We have to educate the masses, just like Frederick Douglass was, so they can join us like he did William Garrison in the fight for freedom. We can do it. We are abolitionists. We have the facts:

AlfonZo Rachel lays them out like no one else can:

But we gotta put down the mudslinging, and get to work explaining the basics to the masses!

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I am a Frederick Douglass Republican! What’s a Frederick Douglass Republican?

Tonight KCarl Smith is on Conservatives Coast to Coast to discuss Frederick Douglass!

I am very WYSIWYG. I have no problem telling you that until last night, I didn’t get it. I understood the facts and I strongly agreed with them. But I didn’t get it! I do now! I am a Frederick Douglass Republican! Listen to KCarl Smith a couple of minutes:

You will never again hear me say that I am a Conservative Republican. I will always call myself a Frederick Douglass Republican.

What is a conservative? Well, blatantly, within conservatives themselves, it means you agree with me on all the same issues, everyone who disagrees is a fake. We showed that in the Primary. We had some good people running. Everyone spent all their time calling every candidate that was not their own, not conservative. We argued within ourselves about every fringe issue we could find instead of standing firm on common ground in what would be a very important fight. Which we lost! Dorks!

The elephant in the room however is how the masses view the word conservative. I asked almost every candidate we interviewed the last year the same question each time. How do we reach the masses? How do we get to and reach the people who only get their information from people who are lying to them? The people that have been convinced that the only thing a conservative wants to do is pillage, plunder, rifle and loot! There is a huge block of conservative minded people who have no clue that they actually agree on all the basic premises that you and I do. They do not discuss politics. They don’t watch the news. They watch sitcoms. All they know is that those conservatives are racist and greedy and stay away! They have never had a discussion in their life about the differences between larger and smaller government. They do not talk about how an economy works. They don’t have that discussion. They are just told “Conservative” …danger…stay away…far …far..away! …And leave those Moderate Republicans alone too! They are getting just as bad as those nutty conservatives! Just let the Democrats take care of you. It will all be fine.

How do we get to those people? The answer that would have pleased me most from any candidate is we have to get our message right and take it directly to the people. We need to “Roll Up Our Sleeves” and get these voters to realize that they basically are on the exact same page as we are.

We have been in this dilemma since Reagan left office. We had 8 great years and during that time we sat down on the couch to enjoy it and when things started to deteriorate we never got back up. Then all of a sudden the country elects the far left and everyone jumped up like the fire alarm went off. All we have done since is argue over issues and call each other names while the left with the full aid of the MSM exploits it.

This is why I’m confident in Stanley Mack in Alabama. I believe he understands that the key to winning is to “Roll Up Our Sleeves” and get to work reaching these voters to help them realize that they are basically on the exact same page as we are.  Stanley is a Bold Solutions candidate. Stanley’s #BoldSolution is that he is a Frederick Douglass Republican!


So what happened last night that made me get it? I listened to The Exceptional Conservative Show last night as Stanley was a guest on Ken McClenton’s superb show. You will definitely want to listen to it. ^~~that link right there will take you straight to it. Start listening while you are reading…Just keep reading! LOL

As Ken began to introduce Stanley, he mentioned that KCarl Smith had stated on his show last week that he’s got the answer that the GOP doesn’t have to reach the masses of voters that they can’t reach. Smack! Epiphany! I am a Frederick Douglass Republican. I have been sharing things about KCarl and his work for for a while now. He has called in to CC2C and we have discussed Frederick Douglass a lot on the show. But I finally got it. It has a lot to do with the fact that Alabama District 7 is not winnable. It is not winnable using the game plan that conservatives have been playing. It also is not winnable by abandoning the Republican Party.  That is the worse of all the choices. AL 7 is not “Un-Winnable”, its just that it’s only winnable by reaching the hearts and the minds of the voter. KCarl and the Frederick Douglass methodology is the solution. I am a Frederick Douglass Republican. It is not just something I discuss from now on. It is a Bold Solution that I attach myself to. I place Frederick Douglass side by side by Ronald Reagan as a symbol of what makes conservatism great.

KCarl has the answer that the GOP doesn’t.  KCarl has the bold solution. He understands the problem. Winning hearts and minds is the problem. Starting with Herman Cain two years ago, I have focused on candidates willing to lay out bold solutions to the real problems in DC. KCarl has the bold solution to get to DC in the first place, to get to the statehouses, to take back the reins from the lefts destructive policies that are hurting this nation and the  citizens they impact the most, the less fortunate. But not only to win more races, but to win the un-winnable. It’s the only solution we have. I am confident that Stanley Mack has the understanding to create and pass bold solutions as a congressman. There are plenty already out there. Just pick one. Stanley Mack has to win the election to do that. KCarls solution is the only one that can win in a 30/70 district like AL7. The key is…it can win!….and it’s the only way you will win. It is a simple plan, the basics are tried and true.

I’m not going to give you the details about who Frederick Douglass the man was. Investigate, you can start here:

But I will tell you this about Frederick Douglass. He was born a slave and was raised in horrific conditions. He used that as the driving force to constantly jump his hurdles. He took the negative in his Master Hugh Auld’s conviction that education would ruin a good slave, turned it into ‘learning must be my way out of this’, and started jumping hurdles becoming not only one of the most influential men in history, but one of the most successful. When you learn who the man is, you will understand what the basic Constitutional, Conservative and Moral principles are that made this country great and made the Republicans the Grand Ol’ Party!

Frederick Douglass did not cry in front of his hurdles. He jumped them! Time for the Republican party quit arguing in front of our hurdles, and jump them. Then get back to the basics espoused by Ronald Reagan and Frederick Douglass and share them with America. They haven’t heard them in a while.

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It is futile to wipe down the sink until you clean and put away the dishes!

I’m in some work groups. We pass information, do activism stuff, laugh and cry with each other, you know…that kinda thing. We get a lot done in these cyber-offices. Sometimes we don’t. Last weekend I was appalled. That means I was filled with consternation and dismay. The conversation was something like this, I’m using a bit of editorial privilege to make this very basic:

Fred: I don’t like abortion but if it was from a rape it’s ok.

Jane: We are conservatives in here.

Dick: You’re not a true conservative!

Sally: We have to stand exact on the issues or we might as well give up

Jane: If it was what Reagan said…that’s where we stand!

Fred: Well I’ll just leave!

Jane, Dick, and Sally: Bye!

Sally: Ok. we are all in agreement. Issue over. Go back to what you were doing. Problem Solved.


Problem solved? Issue over? I don’t think so!


There was no solution! A bunch of people who stopped and screamed at each other in front of the hurdle, but no solution! …and no one…I repeat no one, jumped over that hurdle. Period. End of story. Simple. Basic. Foundational. Yes. Tone intentional. This is a free country. You are free do act as you will. But if you refuse to jump the hurdle and then go try to grab the winning trophy, forget it!

The answer from both sides should have been the same. We agree to disagree on what law should be for that tiny fraction and lets get back to discussing ending the 99% that we will NEVER save if we don’t quit trying to wipe down the sink before we wash the dishes.

I want abortion as close to zero as humanly possible, but if we are going to get there, we have to frame the discussion around the foundational principles that make us correct and quit letting the other side own the narrative by dragging us away from those basics. We have to be willing to quit debating the left and start educating our neighbors.

I almost always give this same response. It works. I have tied up every abortion advocate that I have ever spoken with on this issue for decades with these simple words:

If I were to give advice to a rape victim it would be that of all the alternatives, ending an innocent life should not be one of them. That however is a tiny fraction of the abortions every year. I’m concerned with getting rid of the huge elephant of  abortions that are because someone just wants to duck responsibility. Let’s talk about all the lives that are ended just because bringing that child to term is inconvenient.

This issue affects a fraction of a fraction of a % of all abortions. It is crazy that we let the left drag us into this discussion. It is insane that we argue and split over this.

If we do not get back to educating the basics, we will never win these debates. Whether it be on the stage of a Presidential Debate or sitting across the table having a discussion and everything in-between, the message will not get past the lack of understanding of the basics or the smear campaign.

Abortion is a very serious issue to me. I was adopted. We win big on this issue. The left knows it. So they create a fake war on women. They take the discussion to rape. They change the wording to anti-choice. (That is until it comes to being Pro-Choice for a woman to own a gun). And we let them get us stuck on stupid. We fall in and argue over there.

Again I say, “It is futile to wipe down the sink until you clean and put away the dishes!” Why do we even let them get us started in a discussion on rape. As Rodney Stanhope explained on Conservatives Coast to Coast, the left is never afraid to take mini steps. They took prayer out of schools in the 50′s and put sexuality in Kindergarten in the first decade of this new century. Step by step they have changed the perceptive of the term Conservative that Stanley Mack and KCarl so often mention. We somehow never learned the basic premise Aesop’s The Monkey and the Cookies:

A monkey put his hand into a jar of cookies.  He grasped as many as he could possibly hold, but when he tried to pull out his hand, he was prevented from doing so by the neck of the cookie jar.  Unwilling to lose the cookies, and yet unable to withdraw his hand, he burst into tears and bitterly lamented his disappointment.

Until we do…we keep losing this battle. We’re gonna keep losing until we start doing what we were when we were winning.

We need to quit playing the game of pride and start playing the game of save as many innocent lives are possible. I’m guilty here too. This is not a critique of an individual. This is a call to action. The churches are responsible too. No matter what your affiliation, the purpose of individual religion is to help hold up the line of morality in a nation. We are to be the salt. The preserver, the medicine.

We are getting nowhere because we argue about the far reaching goals instead of working to save who we can.

Scott…being Scott.

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